Time to focus on the team, not the individual (0)
December, 19 2012 / BY SUPERTEAMS

Khoi Tu's article in the Financial Times argues that business schools focus too much on the individual, and not enough on teams.

In these complex, connected and fast-moving times, there are few meaningful opportunities and challenges that can be mastered alone. Great leaders will almost certainly depend on effective and reinforcing teams to support them.

Take the longevity of the Rolling Stones, the success of a Formula One team, or the perfect execution of an SAS operation. They all depend on the same thing - an effective, cohesive unit.

This is where business schools are missing a trick. There is a sizeable gap in business between working in a team and a team that works well. And business schools provide few opportunities for existing executive teams to accelerate building trust and cohesion as a unit.

Failure to operate effectively as a team at the top can exact a high price. Business education needs to shift from its focus on individual leaders to the development of intact teams. 

Read Khoi Tu's full FT article:

"Time to focus on the team, not the individual"

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