March, 15 2013 / BY SUPERTEAMS
The anticipation for the F1 2013 season kick off in Australia this Sunday is huge. This FREE taster from Superteams, a book written by Khoi Tu, describes the era when Ferrari last dominated the sport.
February, 18 2013 / BY SUPERTEAMS
The Rolling Stones, the A Team, Team GB all found that there was strength in numbers. But what does it take to create that perfect blend?
February, 11 2013 / BY SUPERTEAMS
Khoi Tu examines the staggering nature of Europe's triumph in the 2012 Ryder Cup, the most remarkable comeback in the competition's 85-year history.
February, 11 2013 / BY SUPERTEAMS
In this AskMen article, Khoi Tu looks at how to make a superteam. The leader goes first as the architect of the team, but the goal is to build a team of leaders.
February, 11 2013 / BY SUPERTEAMS
Khoi Tu, author of "Superteams", tells us about the teamwork dynamics that make Pixar, the SAS and The Rolling Stones so successful.
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